Armenian Motor Insurers’ Bureau

Updated: 22.09.2017

Armenian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "Bureau”) – is a self-regulatory organization legally recognized by the state, established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, whose members are insurance companies working in the sphere of Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance (CMTPLI).

The goal of the Bureau’s activity is:

1. Protection of interests of injured people;


2. Provision of stability and development of CMTPLI system;


For the provision of stability and development of CMTPLI system



- adopts rules and decisions in the sphere of CMTPLI;
- controls fulfillment of requirements of rules and decisions by insurance companies- members of the Bureau;
- approves the form of CMTPLI agreement;
- sets maximal and minimal volumes of main and basic insurance premiums in the sphere of CMTPLI;
- cooperates with governmental and other bodies as well as with bureaus of motor insurers of other countries;
- participates in events aimed at the prevention of traffic accidents as well as at the prevention of forgeries and falsifications in the sphere of CMTPLI;
- manages the Guarantee Fund, provides compensation to injured party at the expense of the Fund in cases envisaged by the Law on CMTPLI;
- conducts a common information system of CMTPLI sphere;
- registers and issues CMTPLI paper agreement forms to insurance companies;
- organizes the procedure of recurrent expertise in the sphere of CMTPLI;
- given the consent of the sides, investigates the disputes emerged between insurance companies- members of the Bureau, as well as between insurers, insured persons and the injured party of these insurance companies; decisions made are consultative and are not mandatory for the sides;
- renders information assistance in the sphere of CMTPLI to wider layers of the population, organizes general educational events.

For the direct protection of injured persons




Compensates for damages caused to the injured party, if:

- the vehicle, which has caused the damage, or the person having a CMTPLI commitment, is unknown. In this case the Bureau only compensates for personal damages caused to the injured party at the expense of the Guarantee Fund;
- the damage is caused by the vehicle lacking a CMTPLI contract;
- the damage is caused by a hijacked vehicle or a vehicle in an illegal ownership (without the purpose of hijacking)
- the insurance company, which has concluded a CMTPLI agreement, is adjudged insolvent (bankrupt).

Upon the request of the injured party, in the process of receiving compensation the Bureau stands as his representative free of charge if:

- the injured party and the person who has caused the injury have concluded a CMTPLI agreement with the same insurance company;
- at the moment of the accident the injured party is the passenger or the pedestrian and doesn’t have a current CMTPLI agreement with any insurance company acting on the territory of Armenia.

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Executive Director Vahan Avetisyan
Address Hanrapetutyan St., 22 Building, Area 2, Yerevan, Armenia
Phone (060) 580043
Email [email protected]