Updated 16.12.2020

“Credit Concept” UCO CJSC was registered and licensed on July 31, 2020. License No 54 was issued by the Central Bank of Armenia.

The Company was founded by 11 individuals.

The Company carries out its operations mainly by providing loan and financial leasing products to the agriculture and business entities occupied with commercial activities. In the meantime, the Company operates in consumer loan market of the RA.

Company mainly targets SMEs and farmers of the Republic of Armenia as main beneficiaries.

The company attracts funds both from its shareholders and from various lending institutions.

The company currently provides loans in 3 areas:

- Consumer
- Agricultural

The market scope of the company's operations includes the city of Yerevan and the regions of the Republic of Armenia.

The company operates from its head office, with non-cash transitions, using the wide opportunities of the banking and payment systems of the Republic of Armenia.
Chief Executive Officer Karen Petrosyan
Address 0099, Yerevan, Arzumanyan Street 16/7
Phone (012) 270 270
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