Updated 25.03.2024

“GLOBAL CREDIT” universal credit organization was registered on October 26, 2010, having received the No. 35 License granted by the Central Bank of Armenia.

The organization’s strategy is focused on offering swift, convenient and affordable services in the financial and credit sector. One of the important aspects of the mission is making loans accessible to the most vulnerable and relatively low-income, but economically active population, as well as improving the living standards of borrowers.

Since 2019, the Cashme application has been launched, providing customers continual access to loan products and enabling them to monitor their loans.

One of the organization’s significant investments is providing interest-free financing for medical and aesthetic interventions through the MAS-MAS (partly) service.

The organization provides:

- Online loans without pledge
- Car loans with pledge
- Business loans without/with pledge
- Agricultural loans/project loans
- Leasing of agricultural machinery
- Leasing of agro-food sector equipment

Chairman of the Board Eduard Marutyan
Executive Director Luiza Igraryan
Phone (011) 700 - 100, (011) 700 - 200