About the project

Banks.am (Financial Armenia) is the internet project of  Mediamax  news agency launched in July 2006.

The project aims to create an interactive space for providing comprehensive information about the rapidly developing financial market of Armenia.

Banks.am is the first and only Armenian web portal providing full information about the whole spectrum of banking services. The information is free and available for all visitors who are interested in financial services. For instance, visiting Banks.am once the visitor may get full answers to following questions:

  • How many banks in Armenia deal with mortgage lending?
  • The car credits of which bank are most attractive?
  • How long does it take to receive a plastic card?
  • How many ATMs are there in Armenia and where are they situated?

The visitors should no longer pass from one site to another, seeking better conditions. Now they can visit Banks.am and quickly get answers to all the questions. Banks.am accumulates information about financial services of Armenia but the final choice belongs to the visitor: comparing all proposals of the market he can choose the best and the most lucrative one.

The technological solutions of the portal are called to make the acquaintance with banking services easier. The search for ATMs on the territory Armenia helps the users plan their trips across the republic. The credit calculator on Banks.am will help get the rough picture of upcoming payments making the lending process understandable and transparent. Thus, Banks.am strengthens people’s confidence in the banking sector on the one hand and increases the openness of the Armenian banks on the other.

Banks.am is a convenient tool for the specialists working in the banking sector and all people interested in the developments on the financial market. The portal contains all latest news related to the banking sphere of Armenia and the region, newspaper publications and interviews, stock reports, etc.

Banks.am gives the description of all banks and lending organizations in Armenia. The tables describing concrete banking services present the products of the banks that have agreed to provide relevant information.

In September 2006 www.banks.am (Financial Armenia) web-portal won the Grand Prix of the Second All-Armenian "e-content-2006” contest.

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