Development and Investments Corporation of Armenia

Updated 16.02.2018

Established in 2009.

License N 28 of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

The mission - to promote the development of entrepreneurship and industry which have a strategic importance for Armenian economy with the focus on proportional development of the regions.

The target lending groups of the organization are commercial legal entities (residents) and private entrepreneurs.

Development and Investments Corporation of Armenia is the manager of the “Panarmenian Fund’’ closed-end private contractual investment fund.

The proposed financial instruments:

business loans in AMD and in foreign currency:

• loans with subsidies, in order to support the export;
• loans with subsidies granted to border areas of Armenia;
• loans with subsidies provided to the agricultural sector;


• Leasing of agricultural machinery within the framework of the state support program

provision of guarantees;

other financial instruments that contain credit risk.

Main lending areas are:

• Industry
• agriculture
• information technologies
• tourism
• construction
• provision of services and maintenance

In the process of granting loans the preference is given to:

• organization of a new production or expansion of production;
• import substitution, organization of production aimed to export or having export potential;
• organization of production by means of new technologies or innovative solutions;
• creation of new or additional workplaces, as well as preservation of existing workplaces, the development of regions;
• use of local raw materials and resources.


Executive Director Artur Badalyan
Address 74 Nairi Zaryan, building 277, Yerevan
Phone 010) 70 80 20, (010) 70 80 30, (060) 50 65 56