Updated 14.05.2024

In 1997 the United Methodist Relief Committee (UMRC) microcredit program was founded to support an economically active, low-income population.

In 2006, it was formally registered as “Aregak” Universal Credit Company (UCC) CJSC, having obtained license No. 11 from the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. The sole shareholder of the company is the "UMCOR - Armenia" charitable foundation.

The primary objective of “Aregak” UCC CJSC is to foster the economic development of micro and small entrepreneurs by offering accessible and reliable financial services.

With 36 branches and representative offices operating across the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia, the company extends its services to a wide range of clients.

“Aregak” UCC CJSC provides:

Argo credits
“Pledge” consumer credits
“Gold Collateralized” consumer credits
“Salary” consumer credits
Business credits
“Solar” consumer credits
Online consumer credits

Executive Director Mariam Yesayan
Address Offices 146, 147, 152 և 153, 4/6 Amiryan Street, Yerevan 0010, Republic of Armenia
Phone (060) 477 577, (010) 54 36 29
Fax (010) 56 65 26
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