ACRA Credit Reporting

Established in January 2004 by the U.S. Credential Inc.

The strategic partner of "ACRA Credit Reporting” is a world known "Dan and Bradstreet” specialized in the sphere of business information.

ACRA is the first and the only credit bureau in Armenia. It mainly aims to provide services that measure the client’s (legal entity/individual) risk-taking scale of financial institutions. Due to the credit bureau each legal entity/individual gains e possibility to build up and use his credit history.

ACRA’s clients are the banks, credit organizations, micro-financial institutions, trade organizations dealing with deferred payments (including utility payments), insurance companies, international donor organizations, etc.

The credit bureau guarantees full confidentiality. The information can be provided only with the consent of the legal entity/individual, whose credit history should be checked. The given mechanism allows excluding the misuse of the information.

Director Ashot Gabrielyan
Address 0010, RA, Yerevan, 15 M.Khorenatsi str., Elite Plaza business center, 9-th floor
Phone (010)52 24 67, (010) 52 24 87
Fax (010)52 24 67
Email [email protected]