Gregory Dikaios: “We treat Armenian students as EU students”

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Mediamax interview with Director of International Relations of the University of Sheffield International Faculty CITY College

- Which is the main appeal of the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield for Armenian students?

- First of all, the University of Sheffield is a popular option because it is a top British university. It belongs to the 100 Best Universities in the World, to the 10 Top for Research Power, and is affiliated to five Nobel Prize winners.

The University of Sheffield offers its programmes in the Sheffield campus, UK but also there is the campus of the International Faculty of the University that offers bachelors and masters in its campus in Thessaloniki, Greece. This is a way to offer its quality education closer to the region and the countries of South-East and Eastern Europe. Obviously, Armenian students choose to study at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College in Greece, because they can receive high quality British education at a Mediterranean setting under partial scholarships. This means that they can benefit from a top degree offered at a reasonable cost because of the provided scholarships and the low cost of living, in comparison to Europe or the USA.

- How many Armenian citizens have already earned degrees in your Faculty and do you know anything about their further employment?

- It is only two years that the International Faculty has been recruiting from Armenia for the campus in Greece. So far we have accepted Bachelors students who are still studying. Armenian Masters students who have graduated are already employed and see their career prospects growing fast, not only in Armenia but abroad as well. Some have become entrepreneurs and they have started their own business. Statistically, our graduates are well employed because their degree depicts up-to-date knowledge and high analytical skills that they acquire during their studies at Sheffield University.

- Could you please present the Executive MBA program in details?

- The Executive MBA programme of Sheffield International Faculty is one of the strongest MBA programmes in South East and East Europe. It currently runs in 5 different countries and it is the first choice for many CEOs, directors and managers both from the private and the public sector. It combines a broad understanding of business and management with a strong focus on hands-on applied experience. It involves personal and professional development projects, applied knowledge with a global perspective, international exposure and business networking opportunities. Students can specialize in General Management, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, and Healthcare Management and do not need to leave their jobs or families, as classes are held on one weekend per month.

CITY College graduation ceremony.
Photo: CITY College.

- We know you train students in computer technology and psychology as well, do you?

- Yes, but not only in these fields. Computers are gaining grounds constantly and require well trained specialists who are capable of following up the changes and implement radical ideas. Psychology is now spreading fast into all the aspects of social and business life. We also offer a wide range of business and economic studies that cover every spectrum of business activities. Our English Department is preparing students to become English teachers, translators or language experts who can work locally for multinational companies. In all cases, we are trying to prepare graduates who will have wide career opportunities in any national or international environment. Building a strong employment profile in our students is a key aspect of our educational approach.    

- What steps should the interested people take to enter Sheffield University’s International Faculty?

- Applying for a University of Sheffield programme is easy. We are in the process of accepting applications at the moment, so interested candidates must consider this option as soon as possible. First, they need to visit our website,, in order to learn more about the university. Then they can send a request for information and they will receive a reply from my colleague, who is Armenian herself, describing the requirements. Applicants receive thorough support during the application process and this lifts the stress that many young people feel when they start application procedures.

- How much is the tuition fee and are there any scholarships available for Armenian students?

- First of all, I must emphasise that at the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, CITY College, in Greece, we treat Armenian students not as international students but as European Union students. This means that we apply fees that European Union students pay, therefore fees are much lower than fees in the UK. So the Bachelors scholarship fees are 5,950 euros, while Masters scholarship fees are 6,800. If you also consider that the living expenses in Greece are significantly lower than in Europe, then it is obvious that the total cost of studies decreases remarkably.   

- Is there any difference between the International Faculty diploma and the diploma granted the Sheffield University directly in the UK?

- No difference at all. It is the same university awarding the same degrees no matter whether somebody studies in the UK campus or the campus in Greece. And this is what makes the International Faculty unique.  

CITY College Diploma.
Photo: CITY College.

- Nowadays, students consider not only the education program they will study in their educational institution but also pay attention to the possibilities of interesting leisure time activities. What do your students do in their spare time in Thessaloniki?

- Thessaloniki is an extremely interesting city. Culturally, there are lots of opportunities for exploration, museums, ancient sites, theatres, art exhibitions etc. Socially, Thessaloniki is a lively city with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and leisure places. In regards to tourism, Thessaloniki is next to Chalkidiki, one of the best places for summer holidays in the Mediterranean. I must also stress that it is a very safe place for young people with practically no crime, and I am sure parents in Armenia will appreciate this.  

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