Luys enlightens: Part I

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The author of the first article is Jacqueline Karaaslanian, Executive Director of Luys Education

The Luys Foundation this year will be 400 strong. Together we have been working hard since 2009 to build a circle of high achieving youth with the highest standards in our value system and achievement in the world academic standards. We have built a strong name for Armenia in the world top Centers of Excellence. We are building trust toward the future.  The Luys Foundation looks at education and youth as the core of the unifying values for all Armenians worldwide and the unifying strength.

The Luys Founation’s work shows results that are visible in all parts of Armenian society. Our alumni from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Ecole Polytechnique etc. bring a new breath in every domain and into all levels of our society. Today there is not an advanced company or research center in Armenia that does not have a Luys alumni.

The Luys foundation not only sponsors Armenian students from all over the world to study at the world’s top universities, it also actively harvest their knowledge to be invested in the development of Armenia and Artsakh and allows youth from the Diaspora to discover a land of possibilities where they can build the most interesting and promising careers and new world class enterprises.

Jacqueline Karaaslanian
Photo: Luys Foundation

Luys is on a 3-year effort to gather funding for an Education Endowment Fund.  The goal is to reach a 300-million dollar fund, This fund will generate an interest rate that can alone finance 250 Armenians scholars every year for the next 100 years.  This model has been baring remarkable achievements for the past 30 years in other nations with a similar profile to Armenia.

Luys is creating a strong path for the Armenian World. A path that bring everyone together to  make the country one among the innovative and prospering nations.

Young people now understand that they can rely on their academic capacity and personal drive to produce big achievements just like the 400 Luys scholars. They no longer hold back because of lack of finances and poor living conditions in remote parts of the world.

Luys has created a remarkable change of attitudes in students nationwide.  They are self-motivated, do well in school, read books, and use the Internet for self-improvement. Our students know they can now find themselves in the same classrooms as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or prolific inventor and boldest multi billionaire investor Elan Musk.

Our Luys Scholarship recipients do see the challenges that Armenia poses and do not run scared, quite the contrary they see an opportunity to do something real and make an impact.

When Luys pays for tuition, it means that we are hiring Professors of MIT, Harvard Unviversity Stanford, Oxford etc. to equip Armenian youth with the best mindset and cutting-edge skills to shape the world economy.

We wish for the Armenian world to be aware of our mission and the impact it already has in the country as well as branding Armenia abroad in all the centers of excellence as a Smart and Creative Nation on a strong path for prosperity.

Jacqueline Karaaslanian and Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan
Photo: Photolure

Trust in our youth and the future is a key value at the core of the Luys mission, we have many achievements that we are proud of and that we wish to share with many.  We invite you to please read about Luys scholars on our website or simply visit us.

We are now located at the center city in the new innovation center of the AGBU building on Melik-Adamian street in Yerevan. We share the space with other wonderful innovative organizations. Together we are creating a learning and entrepreneurial hub for the curious, creative and bold minds. Luys is actively working and every day to share the wealth of its scholars knowledge, expertise and powerful networks with the rest of the country and the Armenian world at large.

Luys is also a realistic voice in everyone of us that believes in every wonderful young person we meet everyday, everywhere, in the smallest villages in Armenia. We know they can and will join the circle of excellence. We have the duty to show trust in our children’s potential, even through the simple act of positive thinking and the use of an encouraging narrative. Forget fear, and gloomy pictures of our past or present experiences. We all have the duty to promote educational excellence and support strong human values. Everyday our youth shows us how well we can think and work well together.

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