EY Armenia celebrates 10th anniversary and Apricot Party

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EY Armenia (Ernst & Young), a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, organized its Apricot party for employees of Armenian descent and Armenia’s friends from EY foreign offices. The traditional now sixth event was held on 20-22 July.

Within the frames of the visit, the guests had an opportunity to get acquainted with Armenian business and cultural live. In particular, they visited COAF SMART Center and learned about the ongoing projects, innovations and educational initiatives. They also visited Haghartsin Monastery, Yerevan museums and Matendaran.

Visit to COAF SMART Center

This year EY Armenia celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion the company held a reception on July 20, which was attended not only by the participants of the Apricot Party, but also by Armenian officials, local and foreign businessmen, EY partners.

“This company enabled me to establish closer ties with Armenia ten years ago. It was a cause of upset for me and my Armenian partners to see that EY did not have an office here. The company’s CIS management helped us to open the office in 2008, attracting the potential of our entire network and particularly our compatriots. I believe we can say now, ten years later, that it was a good investment and not only in the financial sense,” Managing Partner for EY Armenia Eric Hayrapetyan told Banks.am.

He then thanked the clients who trusted EY throughout these years.

“Success would be impossible without them. We all still have a lot to do and I am certain we will have big victories through small actions. In this regard, the idea of Apricot Party, which is to facilitate stronger ties between Armenians and the friends of Armenia, seems very close to me,” added Eric Hayrapetyan.

Hakob Sarkissian and Eric Hayrapetyan

Head of EY CIS TAS (Transaction Advisory Services) Valuation Services, Partner Hakob Sarkissian also congratulated EY Armenia on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.

“We started our operation with 2-3 employees and now we have 60 people in the team. Certainly, we prioritize not the number of employees but our accomplishments over this period. We’ve tried to contribute to the advancement of the Armenian economy all these years. We have also been active in a number of charitable initiatives, which is a great achievement for me,” he said.

Visit to Haghartsin Monastery

Touching upon the traditional Apricot Party, Hakob Sarkissian emphasizes that similar initiatives always bring positive results.

“Very often employees of Armenian descent from the same office do not even know each other. Many of them got acquainted at our annual event, which helps people to work together more effectively. They also try to promote better ideas for the development of Armenia. Ideas are very important at this age, since union of people and the energy that’s present here bring about some wonderful results. Besides, the recent development of technologies has affected the direct communication between people. It’s essential to shake hands and look into each other’s eyes, as this facilitates the efficiency of the working process. Later our guests come to Armenia with their families and friends, and then tell everyone what a beautiful country Armenia is, full of great people,” Hakob Sarkissian told, noting that it’s important that guests feel how Armenians “live and breathe”.

Visit to Matenadaran

This hasn’t been the first time CIS Managing Partner Alexander Ivlev attends this gathering.

“I enjoy being in an environment, where people appreciate their roots and culture, as well as identify themselves with their nation. It’s great to see Armenians from around the world participate in an annual event, dedicated to the love for their homeland.

The atmosphere is great here: representatives of the offices from different countries mingle together, exchange contacts. This format of interaction allows for more trusting relations, because people get to know each other better. It is important to communicate in this way with people, with whom you have business relations,” he said.

Alexander Ivlev congratulated EY Armenia with the 10th anniversary and wished the company to stay on top in the Armenian market.

This is the first ever visit to Armenia for Jacek Kedzior, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia Managing Partner. He has told Banks.am he is enjoying the positive environment in Yerevan.

Alexander Ivlev and Jacek Kedzior

“Armenia is a land of amazing history and traditions. I have read quite a lot about Armenia, so I was looking forward to this visit. I learned that Yerevan is older than Rome and Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as state religion. I also knew about the painful page in Armenian history – the Genocide. I have contacts in the Armenian community in Poland, so I know there are good scientists, mathematicians among Armenians. I also had the honor to meet with the Armenian President. There is a strong positive energy in the country and it has convinced us everything is going to change for the better here.

Our Armenian partners have a brilliant idea to unite the Armenians and the friends of Armenia. When we gather together, we can see what we have to offer to each other. Human contact is creating a network that will help Armenia advance,” he said.

National dances

Jacek Kedzior believes that with 10 years of experience in Armenia, EY is the company that can make significant contribution to economic growth in the country and has a lot to offer in that area.

“The Armenian community within EY can be a facilitating factor in this regard. Apart from providing our traditional service, we can also help increase foreign investment and promote Armenia’s progress on the global stage and development of startups,” he added.

Kedzior isn’t the only new guest at Apricot Party. EY’s Head of CIS TP Practice Evgenia Veter says she will take with her only good impressions of Armenia.

“I did not expect to experience so many emotions and meet such warm, family-like environment. Many people told me this would be a close, unique gathering and I can confirm that now. A lot of attendees haven’t seen each other for a long time, but Apricot Party unites them again and there are all sorts of topics to be discussed.

I think this is the most efficient format for developing business relations. It creates strong bonds through personal communication and trust, and the theme of Armenia and Armenian roots makes it a family-like gathering.

I wish success and prosperity to everyone: our colleagues, the staff of EY Yerevan Office and our customers. I can see how energetic people are here. I hope they will be able to realize their dreams with that energy,” said Evgenia Veter.

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