15 years of successful activity: Noventiq Armenia at the head of digital transformation

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Director of Noventiq Armenia, Sargis Harutyunyan, shares a story about the company’s 15-year journey in the Armenian IT market. Having started its operations with a staff of 3 people, the company has grown to become a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, cloud services, cybersecurity and related solutions and services. The focus is on key achievements, important projects and partnerships.

- Noventiq is a leading global provider of solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and information security. How would you describe the position and influence of Noventiq Armenia in the IT sector of Armenia?

- I would describe our role as a guide in the world of digital transformation and information security. We are the catalyst for change that helps organizations adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape and use technology to their advantage. Our mission is to give organizations the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital age. We provide them with access to leading solutions, services and platforms that enable them to solve their most complex digital transformation challenges and ensure cyber security.

But our role is not limited to business. We believe technology can be an engine of social change and economic growth. We strive to make society more inclusive and sustainable, using technology as a tool to improve the quality of life.

- Noventiq Armenia is operating in the Armenian market for 15 years. Can you share the highlights of the company's history and the achievements that had the greatest impact on its development?

- Over the 15 years of our presence in the Armenian market, Noventiq Armenia has made an amazing journey: having started our activities with sales of licensed software, from a small team of 3 people in 15 years we have become a leading provider of solutions in the field of digital transformation, cloud services, cybersecurity and related solutions and services.

We are proud that we have been able to implement many large projects that contribute to achieving our clients' business goals. Our achievements include the creation of a large-scale technology data center for Ameriabank, the development of IT infrastructure for Mam-edu, and technical equipment for the Fly Arna airline, to name just a few examples. One of the significant moments in our development was the launch of the online store noventiqstore.am in 2021. This platform provides the opportunity for both small businesses and individuals to purchase a wide range of products, including software, computers, accessories and other equipment.

Our achievements at Noventiq Armenia are not only recognized by our clients, but also earned high marks from our partners. This is confirmed by high partner statuses, such as Dell Titanium Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and CheckPoint 4*.

Our history is one of growth, innovation and collaboration, and we are proud to continue to support Armenia's development through technology.

- How does Noventiq Armenia support its clients in overcoming the challenges associated with the digital economy, and what role does technology play in achieving success and sustainability?

- We provide businesses and government organizations with comprehensive solutions and services that enable them to not only survive, but thrive in this digital world. This includes helping to increase revenue, increase profits, develop new revenue streams and ensure overall sustainability.

I believe that digital tools and technologies can significantly improve the interactions between businesses and their customers, and lead to higher profits and success. Our company also works with government organizations to help them better serve Armenian citizens in the digital world and bridge the technology gap between sectors.

- What specific solutions does Noventiq Armenia offer clients in the field of digital transformation, and how do these solutions help organizations transform the way they work and ensure security in today's digital world?

- Noventiq offers a wide range of solutions to clients, covering five main categories.

Our primary focus is on transforming the way our customers' teams work to improve their productivity. We develop and implement innovative solutions that optimize work processes and improve collaboration within an organization.

The second category of our solutions is related to infrastructure. We help clients modernize and upgrade their digital infrastructure, making it more flexible, scalable and secure. Whether cloud-based or on-premises, our goal is to provide customers with an infrastructure that can efficiently handle diverse workloads and ensure data security.

The third category of our solutions is security. We make sure our clients can feel confident knowing that their infrastructure and data are securely protected. We offer security solutions both on-premises and in the cloud.

The fourth component of our portfolio is related to accelerating innovation. We provide leading software from trusted vendors so our clients can drive deeper digital transformation and innovate faster and more efficiently.

And finally, the fifth category of our solutions is helping clients transform information into knowledge and action. We integrate artificial intelligence into workflows so clients can increase efficiency, gain better insights, and make more informed decisions.

All our solutions are developed taking into account the current challenges of the digital economy and contribute to the development and sustainability of organizations in the modern world.

- What factors contribute to your success?

- Our success rests on several key factors. First and foremost is our ability to adapt to ever-changing demands and trends in the digital field. We constantly monitor the latest technologies and innovations to provide our clients with relevant and effective solutions.

An important aspect of our success is our ability to integrate with industry-leading suppliers and partners. This allows us to offer comprehensive solutions and ensure a high degree of reliability.

We also actively invest in our employees, providing them with professional development and training. This allows us to have highly qualified personnel capable of solving the most complex problems for our clients.

In addition, our transparency in working with clients and partners also contributes to success. We strive to establish honest and long-term relationships, which contributes to our reputation as a reliable partner.

And, of course, our ongoing mission is to help our clients successfully overcome the challenges of the digital economy and ensure their sustainability and growth. This is our main goal and the driving force behind our success.

- What are your steps for further development?

- For us, the key development factors remain maintaining leadership in the field of digital transformation and information security.

We will also continue to invest in the development of our employees through certification programs and training courses to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology. This is important so that we can provide the best solutions and services to our customers.

In addition, we intend to actively develop our partnerships with leading IT solution providers and continue our innovative approach to digital transformation. Our goal remains to help clients succeed in a rapidly changing digital world and ensure their sustainability and security.
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