Vardan Amaryan: Apricot Capital gives clients the opportunity to invest in Armenia from around the globe

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Apricot Capital is an investment company which was founded in Armenia and is now expanding and operating internationally. Apricot Capital was also the Investment Partner of the Doing Digital Forum held in Yerevan on April 5. We talked to Vardan Amaryan, Founder of Apricot Capital, about the history of the company's creation, the investment culture in Armenia, and business development prospects in the digital transformation era.

- Can You tell us a bit about Apricot Capital?

Apricot Capital is an investment company which was founded in 2022, and from the beginning, we started work as an Armenian startup that sought to expand and operate in different countries.

Apricot Capital provides exclusive broker-dealer, asset management, and consulting services. In this short period, we have brought together seasoned financial professionals with extensive experience and valuable knowledge to provide a wide range of complex services to our individual and institutional clients. The innovative approach to client solutions gives us a competitive edge over other firms in the market.

At this moment, we have already attracted customers from diverse geographical locations, both domestic and international with over 35 counterparties, the company's client base continues to grow steadily.

Despite the stock market and culture of investment activities in Armenia remaining relatively undeveloped and unknown, Apricot Capital is taking proactive measures to bridge the knowledge gap through exciting projects, courses, and programs. The founder acknowledges that the path to success is not always easy, but with a clear vision and determination, the company is poised to achieve its goals.

- You talked about the innovative approaches you use in your business. Tell us about your new mobile application. How easy is it to use?

- Apricot Capital's commitment is to stay abreast of changes in the global business sector. Years back, when we started our journey, we used to do all the transactions through face-to-face meetings or phone calls. Large investment companies are gradually going through a digital transformation and we are no exception. Apricot Capital recognizes the importance of digitization in enhancing customer experience. Our clients in Armenia and worldwide have free access to investments in any country, including Armenia. Through our mobile application, our clients can invest directly in reputable international companies' shares and other financial instruments, track stock market quotes, and efficiently manage their security portfolios. The application's convenience, speed, and affordability make it an attractive option for clients worldwide, especially in the fast-moving world of finance, where time is a valuable resource.

Security is paramount to Apricot Capital, and its servers in Armenia adhere to international IT security standards. The company has implemented appropriate identification and internal monitoring systems to ensure the safety and security of its clients' investments.

- What professional path did You follow?

- Over the past two decades, my professional pursuits have been predominantly focused on the investment sector. Before establishing my enterprise, I was engaged in foreign banking systems. In 2010, I switched to a hedge fund, which for many years made investments in international stock markets, mainly in shares of American and European companies. As our operations gradually expanded and progressed, we eventually resolved to provide a more comprehensive range of investment services, thereby giving rise to the inception of Apricot Capital.

- Apricot Capital was among the partners of the Doing Digital Forum held for the first time in Armenia. Why is it essential to create such platforms?

- The advent of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge technologies have paved the way for abundant opportunities within the investment sector and have dramatically influenced its development. In an age where time and resources are of the essence, people are constantly seeking quick, convenient, and accessible solutions. To keep pace with the ever-evolving and dynamic landscape of modern times, success can only be achieved by adapting to today's rapid changes.

Armenia must also embrace the digitalization of business to stay abreast of the challenges posed by the new world. The Doing Digital Forum is a platform for exchanging experiences and ideas with the finest experts and professionals. During such events, informal contacts are established with representatives of the ecosystem and leading experts, paving the way for generating new concepts and their subsequent implementation.

The implementation of the Doing Digital Forum in Armenia was a great initiative. The more I interact with people, the more I am convinced that creating such platforms and involving various specialists hold enormous potential for creating a positive impact. Such measures will benefit the business sector and extend their positive impact to society as a whole.

Moreover, events like this serve as an excellent opportunity for sections of society in Armenia to learn more about digitalization and how it will affect their lives. Digitalization will become indispensable to every aspect of our lives, making them more comfortable and prosperous in the next 5, 10, or even 15 years.
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