Sargis Harutyunyan: We will continue to be a reliable partner for Armenian business

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Director of Noventiq Armenia Sargis Harutyunyan, in an interview with, spoke about IT development trends in Armenia.

- Noventiq positions itself as a leading global provider of solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and information security. Let’s explore these concepts. Please tell us what is digital transformation and information security?

- Digital transformation is the implemntation of digital technologies to transform and improve business processes. Proper use of digital technologies gives the company the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and increase the efficiency of employees and the enterprise as a whole to reach a new level of development, quickly adapt to any changes in the market.

I will focus in particular on this implemntation and will give a vivid example:

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies had to urgently restructure all their business processes in order to transfer all work online and simply survive and save business.

Those companies that used digital tools in their daily work before 2020 were able to do it very quickly and painlessly, they were ready for any development of the situation.

Those companies that did not use these tools before were forced to urgently look for solutions, make bulk purchases - and this means time, capital costs, and business downtime.

There is no turning back, and if a company has not yet passed the stage of digital transformation, it will be forced to do so in the near future, otherwise it will not be able to compete with those who can be fast, flexible and adapt to any changes in a matter of hours.

Now about cybersecurity:

Speaking in terms of definitions, cybersecurity is the protection of all devices connected to the network (various equipment, software, data) from cyber threats. Today, no small, medium or large business can do without due attention to cybersecurity issues: it is very easy to become a victim of fraudsters and lose important data or money. Proper use of information security tools will allow the company to avoid many possible incidents and save its business.

Unfortunately, every year there are more and more cyberattacks, which leads to disastrous consequences for business. That is why cybersecurity has been, is and will be a trending direction for the next few years.

Digital transformation and cybersecurity are our priority areas of activity: we help customers to carry out digital transformation, we provide cybersecurity services and all the equipment necessary for this. We help our clients increase profitability and ensure business security, and remain competitive in the digital economy.

- Recently, both globally and locally, you started working under a new brand. Could you please tell us what other changes have taken place in the company during the year? What are your plans for the future?

- Yes, that’s right: as of the October 20, we have been trading under the new brand Noventiq. In addition, in the summer of 2022, we received the prestigious title Great Place to Work®!

This title confirms that our company creates and maintains the best conditions and a favorable working environment for employees, provides an opportunity to gain exceptional experience in a global environment, builds working and interpersonal relationships based on trust, provides everyone with fair and equal working conditions. The recognition of the Great Place to Work® Institute is a major achievement and an indicator of the mood of our employees. We got a great result and are not going to stop there!

About the plans:

We have been working in Armenia for almost 15 years, our team is constantly developing and strengthening its competencies and expertise. Armenia’s IT market is also growing, and we plan to strengthen our leading positions. We have unique advantages for this: an extensive list of products and services that we can provide, specialists certified by leading vendors and a clear development strategy. We will continue to work to continue to be a reliable partner for Armenian business.

- Sargis, what technologies, in your opinion, will be the most demanded in Armenia in 2023? How do you see the future development of digital transformation and cybersecurity?

- In Armenia, as in the whole world, in 2023, the same digital transformation and cybersecurity will be the most in demand.  Noventiq Armenia works with more than 200 companies from different industries and I can say that today the Armenian business faces the same tasks as around the world, so all those trends and solutions that are in demand abroad will be in demand here as well.

I think that with the help of digital transformation, it is possible to ensure the viability and growth of a business in the long term. With the help of modern digital tools, owners and employees of companies will be able to make decisions quickly, perform routine work with high quality, and quickly adapt to any market challenges.

This is becoming a key factor in competitiveness – digital transformation brings benefits to businesses, showing a positive result today and providing opportunities for scaling and development in the future.

We expect that the requirements of companies for IT departments will grow every year, so now the main task of IT departments is to form an optimal strategy for the operation and development of the IT infrastructure in order to understand what and where needs to be improved, protected, simplified, automated. Our task as a digital transformation provider is to help customers in this.

About the company

NOVENTIQ is one of the fastest growing players in the sector. It is a leading global solutions and services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity, headquartered in London. Under this brand, the company enables, facilitates and accelerates the digital transformation of its customers’ businesses, connecting over 75,000 organisations from all industries with hundreds of best-in-class IT vendors, and delivering its own services and solutions.  

The company delivered turnover of approximately US$1.1 billion in the fiscal year of 2021. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange following its successful IPO in October 2021.

The company’s 3,900 employees, work in almost 60 countries throughout Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa - markets with significant growth potential.
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