YBC new office: Armenian roots and contemporary “look & feel”

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A new Sales and Marketing office was opened at Yerevan Brandy Company designed by a famous French designer Philippe Seys, creator of well-known jewelry, glassware and interiors. If we look at it not only from "the office is a place to work" point of view, but also understand that it is literally the place where ARARAT finds its embodiment, it becomes interesting to see how everything is arranged around here.

Karine Madelrieu, Director of Sales and Marketing says that the new office is a “a true illustration of the ARARAT brand values and a perfect combination of authentic Armenian roots and contemporary ‘look & feel’ to feel comfortable to work and feel the conviviality of Pernod Ricard. It was an excellent experience for ourselves, the agency and our suppliers to demonstrate how the traditional Armenian materials as carpet, or tuff can be used and empowered in a very contemporary way".

Specially for Mediamax Philippe Seys talked about the project and the sources of his inspiration.

About space

I was important for me to feel the space, understand those working here and, of course, the philosophy of the company.

The unique power of this building is in its simplicity, which makes it in some sense timeless, and because of the height of the ceiling the space is filled with air and one can easily feels its breath. That's why we did not want and did not limit it with walls.

Another special feature of the building is the large round window through which huge amounts of natural light penetrates, which, of course, brings special warmth and atmosphere to the office.

ARARAT Team is young, dynamic and the office should have the corresponding atmosphere. That is why we used the orange colour, which brings harmony and highlights the furniture of the 1st floor. Another special feature of the building is the large round window which allows natural light to penetrate into the room bringing special warmth and atmosphere to the office.

About inspiration

The first thing that I do to find the inspiration is walking in Yerevan. Seeing, touching and studying the materials from which the buildings in Yerevan are made is a great way for understanding the city and its culture, especially when it comes to such architectural elements as tuff. A great inspiration may be found in Vernissage, the market of vintage items, where there is so much sun throughout the year.

I would like to note the importance of Armenian ornamental art, because there are so many hidden meanings and it is essential to catch the meaning even in the smallest details.  

“ARARAT Today”

The central element is the pomegranate graphically depicted on the glass table inspired by an ancient Armenian plate. For giving a modern sound to it I used red small balls made of glass that resemble the grains of pomegranate and plays with different shades of ruby.

“ARARAT Craftsmanship”

The central element of the room is the carpet, the unusual decoration made with it to be more precise. It is placed under the ceiling despite the stereotypes, which is a great illustration of the point that innovative approaches can be applied even to the most traditional elements.  In other words, we tried to demonstrate that even the most traditional things can be turned into a trend. Having found a new 'angle of view' you can look at the world differently. This is more than important when it comes to design. In the center of the room we placed a large wooden table with elements of tuff. Apart from pure pragmatic calculations, the combination of wood and tuff also brings a great emotional meaning, since wood, stone and carpet are the symbols of the notion called “craftsmanship” perfectly mastered by Armenians historically.

“Pernod Ricard’’

Pernod Ricard room differs from the previous two in terms of colors as well as inner rhythm. It’s a world of 'here and now' with a pulsating, rapidly changing world outside the window. As a symbol of readiness to change and openness to the new and better, we 'tattooed' one of the walls drawing on it the images of various drinks from Pernod Ricard portfolio and its slogan Createurs de Convivialite.

“Yerevan – Paris” bistro

And of course the office wouldn’t be complete without café or bistro “Yerevan – Paris”, a place where you can feel the whole spirit of Conviviality, enjoy socializing and conversations over a cup of coffee.

The Big Auditorium (Mentoring Room)

Education is at the heart of everything- it’s hard to argue with that, therefore the underground floor of the new office is designed for mentoring activities of ARARAT. It is a large audience, ergonomically combining a bar, library and special place for video interviews. All space is made in shimmering shades and is easily transformable.

It was extremely enjoyable to work in such a cooperation with masters from Armenia, who made the main elements of furniture. Every single one of who I had the pleasure to work had exceptional combination of experience and competence.
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