A cultural blast for EY staff and partners

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Since 2013, global leader in audit, tax and consulting services EY (previously known as Ernst & Young) holds a special event in Armenia, the Apricot Party. It gathers EY employees and partners from different countries and introduces them theArmenian culture. This year Apricot Party took place on July 12-14, and the officialreception was held at Charles Terrace restaurant, in Apricot Hotel Yerevan.

A new approach of introducing a culture

This is for the 7th time Apricot Party is being organized, and every year the organizers try to surprise the guests with trips to places they have never visited before.

This year the attendees took a tour to Jermuk, Khor Virap and the Noravank monastery complex.

“Our office has expanded from 8 to 75 people over the last 10 years, not mentioning nearly 20 employees that are currently in long-term business trips at EY offices in different parts of the world,” EY Armenia Managing Partner Eric Hayrapetyan has told Banks.am.

Eric Hayrapetyan and Hakob Sarkissian

“Based on our experience, most of these employees either extend the contract with the foreign office of EY or stay in the country for permanent residence. It is a bit sad, of course, but that is the objective reality of our days. The borders are rapidly erasing and we are trying to benefit from it. Maintaining connections with our alumnies and compatriots from different EY offices, we are having opportunity to add the involvement and loyalty of a large number of Armenian colleagues and friends of Armenia to the huge potential of a global company and use their experience for developing the business in the homeland. This event makes it possible to maintain and strengthen the connection with the “home” office and the homeland. Our only choice is to be a global, competent nation, and EY is trying to make its humble contribution to the implementation of this crucial mission,” added Hayrapetyan.

“We wanted our guests to see the diversity of Armenia. The road from Yerevan to Jermuk takes only three hours by car, but the place has an entirely different landscape and climate. The other reason to visit Jermuk is the mineral water, of course. It is our pride, and we decided to introduce our friends to this natural wonder. We hope they will visit again, next time with their families,” said senior advisor to EY CIS Managing Partner, Head of EY CIS Valuation and Business-modeling service group, Hakob Sarkissian.

The event attendees also took part in the Apricot Festival, during which they made apricot jam and preserves, sujuk, apricot lavash and apricot vodka, dried apricots, and joined the national dance and a workshop held by folk dance teachers.

No ties

For  EY CIS Tax and Law Services Group Practice Head Irina Bykhovskaya this is the first Apricot Party. She has shared her impressions with Banks.am:

“This event is an stimulus for promoting culture among people who have arrived from different countries such as UK, US and France. Thisis incredible. Here, I’ve met colleagues I have worked with but have never met before.”

Irina Bykhovskaya

EY CIS Advisory Services Practice Head Mikhail Romanov is one of the permanent attendees of Apricot Party. For him, it is not only a reason to meet up with colleagues, but also an educational event that reveals a lot about the culture and economic potential of a country.

“I always come here with my family. This is the most waitedevent of the summer for my children,” said Romanov.

Mikhail Romanov

A cultural “blast”

Hakob Sarkissian has highlighted to Banks.am that Apricot Party plays a significant role in increasing Armenia’s recognizability.

“Each year more and more people visiting Armenia for the first time to take part in the event. It is very important,” he noted.

Hakob Sarkissian and Evgenia Veter

Next year we will definitely hold the party for the eight time and do it in an entirely new, unexpected format. I think it will be another cultural blast for the guests,” added Sarkissian.

Gayane Yenokyan
Photos courtesy of EY
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