Ok Credit

“Ok Credit” UCO LLC was registered on December 29, 2020 by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia (License №. 55, Registration Certificate №363).

The company offers a variety of services to individuals and legal entities.

The mission of “OK Credit” universal credit organization is to stimulate the development of different branches of the Armenian economy and to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace due to the company’s activity.

The company adheres to following values:

- Trust
- Unity
- Honesty
- Availability
- Effective management
- Training

“OK Credit” UCO offers the following loans to its customers:

- Consumer loans secured with real estate

- Loans with Gold pledge
Executive Director Vahe Jilavyan
Address 67 Arshakunyats Ave., Yerevan, RA
Phone (060) 777 333, (060) 777 033
Email info@okcredit.am
Website https://okcredit.am/hy