Yerevan Financial Academy

Established in 1990. The first license was issued in 2001. The Academy has undergone state accreditation (licence N 025 16.10.2000, and accreditation N 005 09.08.2001).

The graduates receive a state diploma.

The structure of the Academy is composed of:

- Banking-Economy Institute
- Basic College
- High School

Education in the academy is realized by the following specialties:

Finances and Credit
(specialization: finances, international finances, financial management, banking, analysis and management of securities)

Accounting and Audit
(specialization: bank accounting and audit, taxes and taxation)

Real estate management and expertise
(specialization: real estate appraisal)

Education duration makes 4 years.

For people with higher education, who want to gain second specialty, the education term makes two years.

The Academy has produced over 1420 specialists, 83% of whom work in the sphere of economy, finances, banking and tax systems of the republic.

Students pass pre-diploma and practical training in leading banks of the Republic ("Armeconombank”, "Unibank”, "Ardshininvestbank”, "BTA Bank”), tax and financial structures.

Education is either fixed or by correspondence.

Acceptance to the basic college of the Academy is realized on the basis of secondary education as a result of an interview. Upon conclusion, the graduates receive qualification of a junior economist-financier and can continue education in the Academy by any specialty.

A preliminary course is organized for entrants, upon conclusion of which they may be enrolled to the Academy without entrance examinations.

There is a high school also functioning in the Academy. The alumni of the high school, receiving a certificate, may continue education in the Academy.

There is the only accredited MA course on the above-mentioned specialties functioning in the Financial Academy, and since 2006, a post-graduate course has been functioning as well.

Not only the graduates of the Academy, but also graduates of other higher educational institutions, who possess bachelor's degree, may take the MA course.

Scientific and student councils, scientific-student society successfully function in the Academy. Each year, a scientific conferences is realized, devoted to the issues of national economy. The Academy invests in and publishes specialized manuals, workbooks.

Over 6000 books on specialized literature can be found in the library of the Academy. The Academy pays much attention to increasing the level of student knowledge in the sphere of information technologies and foreign languages.

There is a computer center functioning in the Academy and additional courses on foreign languages (French, Spanish) are held. Center for Japanese language and culture learning is set up jointly with "Fudzi” Center. The Academy publishes "Financier” student newspaper.

Chancellor Eduard Gasparyan
Address Armenia Yerevan Arabkir 27 str.1/6 h. 47 b.
Phone (010)53 43 96, (010)32 86 07
Fax (010)32 91 48