Trust Audit

Updated 17.02.2015


"Trust Audit” CJSC provides audit and consulting services to entities, which carry out activity in various spheres of economy. The company offers its services within different packages, depending on the organization’s demands, sphere of activity and specificity. The organization has an efficient mechanism of internal control, and this is a deposit for securing high quality of services provided.

As to contacts with customers, the company keeps to a stance, according to which audit of an enterprise not only provides for inspection of financial indices’ authenticity, but also helps avoid many mistakes and correct them in time.

The company’s audit specialists set themselves the task not to expose the company’s mistake, but help reveal them, minimize tax risks, as well as get ready for tax inspection. "Trust Audit” considers the chance of communication with a professional auditor or consultant as an additional tool to increase the qualification of the customer company’s financial employee.


Audit Services

- Audit of annual Financial Statements
- Audit of Interim Financial Statements
- General or Thematic Audit
- Audit-Related Service- Review of financial statements, Agreed Upon Procedures, Compiliation
- Audit of Grant Programs
- Internal Audit Services

Advice services

- Consultancy on Finances
- Consultancy on Taxes
- Consultancy on Law
- Consultancy on Management

Other Services

- Planning and calculation of taxes, duties and other mandatory payments
- Development of accounting policy
- Implementation of accounting software, training and after sales support
- Business plan development
- Preparation of Financial Statements
- Analysis of Financial Activities
- Advocacy of Оrganization During Tax Revision
- Professional expertise on accounting, auditing, finances, economics, taxes, duties and other mandatory payments related issues

Managing Partner Hayk Margaryan
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