Armenian Datacom Company (ADC)

"Armenian Datacom Company" CJSC (ADC) is an Armenian-Norwegian joint venture formed in April 2006.


The company created a 21st century ultramodern and exclusive fiber-optic network. ADC network provides to customers advanced corporate network solutions and high-speed fiber-optic broadband Internet services.

ADC fiber-optic network is independent and redundant, based on IP/MPLS technology. The topology of the network represents interconnection of ring-type core highways. ADC implements last mile fiber-optic deployment to the customers' premises, providing reliable and high-speed connection.

In spite of ADC being a young company on the Armenian market, it has developed a wide and prestigious portfolio of corporate subscribers within Government, banking, retailing, industry and international organizations. ADC’s advanced networking services are ideal for both smaller and larger companies with distributed offices, and qualify for the most stringent demands of the banking sector.

ADC services for banking system


ADC Services

Data Communication

ADC offers its customers unlimited advanced digital communication services of high quality and speed, which enables to establish reliable connection between headquarters and branches of companies.

ADC network services include:


  • Virtual Leased Line (VPWS/VLL) - Leased Ethernet line between any two offices of your company. This line enables various type data exchange between two remote points,
  • Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) - Virtual private local area network service enables to create virtually separated local networks (OSI Layer 2) with city-wide distributed connection points,
  • Virtual Private Routed Network (VPRN) - This networking service enables to connect geographically distributes networks, provided that interconnection is made on OSI protocol Layer 3 (OSI Layer 3),
  • Dual Path Redundant Service (DPRS) - This service is designed to make the subscriber's access network redundant. This means that two independent cable paths from two different directions will terminate at the subscriber's premises,
  • Symmetric and asymmetric Broadband Internet Access services, including guaranteed bandwidth capacities.


    Broadband Internet

    ADC has connected its international gateway through terrestrial fiber-optic connections providing the highest network speeds and data transfer capacities.

    ADC provides its customers with always-on broadband Internet services with no traffic limitations. ADC offers a large range of symmetric and asymmetric connectivity options.


  • Internet Office - broadband Internet services with shared information rate,

Internet Office Quadro is designed for medium to large companies for normal office use. It ensures affordable price, high quality connection and 1:4 contention ratio.

  • Internet Enterprise Pro (CIR) - Committed Information Rate Internet,
  • Internet Enterprise Premium (CIR+DPRS) - Internet Enterprise (CIR) service that is accompanied by Dual Path Redundant Services (DPRS) for data communication. This ensures that risk is mitigated for any potential outage by making the access network double. Two physically independent cables from two geographically independent backbone points both terminate together at subscriber premises.



    ADC gives opportunity to use innovative and traditional hosting services.

    Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). VDS is an advanced hosting solution imported into Armenian telecommunication market by ADC. It is designed for hosting the activites of any type and scale, particularly for satisfaction of organizations' demands having content to be accessed by large public.

    VDS has number of significant advantages among them is the afforbable price in comparison with other hosting services.

    Dedicated Server. ADC allocates a special server in its Data Center for your organization and ADC implemets the complete administrative management of your server.

    Collocation. ADC allocates its ultramodern, powerful and secure Data Center for the placment of your servers.

    Domain Name Registration Organization is .am TLD Registrar and our customers can easily register new .am domain from our site. Our domain name policy is in line with the ISOC rules.

    ADC offers secure around-the-clock available domain management tool which gives an opportunity to manage your domains real time basis.

    Video Conference

    Any important discussion, conversation or interview from Armenia to abroad ADC organizes through modern Video Conference service. You can talk to your colleagues and at the same time see each other in real time regime. Due to professional equipments and dedicated communication lines, Video Conference service ensures perfect quality and desired result.

    Customer Care and Network Monitoring

    The company has a 24/7 support and monitoring teams in place for any out of business hour event. These dedicated teams solve problems and operative find solutions around the clock.

Acting General Director Vardan Kopyan
Address 13/1 H.Kochar St., 0012 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Phone (010)21 22 00
Fax (010)27 99 80